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Wood Finishing was the catalyst for Hindle Finishing Systems, and we have made ourselves known to deliver some of the best finishishes in the area.


We offer a vast array of finishing possibilities including clear, stain, paint, glaze, all with varying sheens and limitless combinations. Pair a  matte soft white paint with a modern form to create a minimalistic, welcoming atmosphere, or compliment a unque design piece with an exotic high gloss finish highlighting vibrant colors to bring attention and life to your home.


A good finish will protect, and enhance the natural beauty of wood to create a piece of art. A great finish can in itself, be an art piece.


Designed from the ground up, with functionality and practicality in mind, our cabinetry designs aim to complement a room's esthetic and purpose, and will deliver many years of service.

Built by hand in our shop, our cabinetry is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. We welcome custom sizing and added details that most large factories simply can't offer. We use the best materials we can find in order to ensure lasting durability and stability to give our customers peace of mind, and admiration for their living, or work space.

Custom Furniture

Our custom furniture designs  look to excced your definitions of beauty and function. We embrace the opportunity to create something truly unique for your home that will surely be a conversation piece. 


Quality furniture relies on the marriage of careful design, precise workmanship, and a complementary finish. All aspects of which we spend as much time as possible in order to bring you a one of a kind piece with personality, and functionality. 

Hindle Finishing Systems aims to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. From custom dining and end tables, to bedroom furniture and light fixtures,  we invite you to contact us to see how we can add flair and creativity to your space.

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